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Originally appeared in the Buffalo News on July 11th, 2012.

Comments from the above mentioned article:

Jim Glose, BUFFALO, NY – The most comprehensive plan the Public Bridge Authority has ever put on paper calls for the addition of just two more processing booths! Also in that same proposal, entry and egress was limited to two lanes as dictated by Homeland Security. So, two new booths, or twenty, an expanded plaza in its most elaborate form will result in idling diesel trucks spewing toxic particulate matter into a densely populated neighborhood.

The duty free store, and parking for the duty free store (a privately owned business) will occupy almost 2/3 of the plaza. How is a giant duty free store necessary for the increased flow of traffic? How can anyone justify the use of eminent domain to make way for a private enterprise?

We continuously hear that the sacrifice of our neighborhood will be for the good of the region. Beyond the jobs created during construction, no one has ever specifically detailed the economic advantage to the region: nobody. Yet economic benefit and jobs appears in every print story and in every politicians monolog on the subject. The trucks dont stop in Buffalo.

There are better alternatives: expand truck processing capability in Niagara Falls. There are brown fields on either side of the border. Air and rail are already in close proximity to any crossing, ideal for an intermodal transportation hub creating permanent jobs.

Alternative number two: Use the site where the International Railroad Bridge crosses the river . . . not as good as the Niagara Falls proposal, but there are huge brownfields on either side of the river, with close proximity to rail and highway.

Please do your homework before adding your voice to those who say my neighborhood isnt worth saving.

Elizabeth Martina, Buffalo, NY – If Buffalo had their “act together” they would be building a separate bridge for trucks instead of jamming this “over-sized” project that doesn’t belong in a residential area into a neighborhood that is already sick from the diesel ultra fine particulates. The widening of the bridge is to accommodate the new super-sized Duty Free store that we definitely don’t need. Why does the PBA have to be in the business of selling alcohol and tobacco? Instead of making the air quality better, it will actually worsen the health of the residents, as those trucks spew out the diesel emissions going up the ramp!

Shows us the plans!!!! The PBA must be totally afraid of the community’s reaction to this proposal! The PBA continues to operate in secrecy and thinks they are above the law! The scary part is that our political officials also think this is ok!
If you’re not outraged, you haven’t been listening!!