Statements made in your article published Saturday, August 25, 2012 in the News attributed to government officials, appointed officials, and yourself are, at best highly irresponsible; at worst, outright lies.

RE: sale of Episcopal Church Home.  What sale? The Church Home has $14.5 Million dollars in liens against it. The bridge authority now ‘owns’ $8 Million of those liens, acquired in an illegal auction (orchestrated by a rabid, power-crazed governor). Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the remaining liens need to be satisfied before the property can even be purchased.  Explain to me how the bridge authority owns the property.

And what exactly do you mean by “…the city’s transfer earlier this month of the Busti Homes to the Peace Bridge Authority for demolition.”? Those properties have been owned by the bridge authority for almost TWO DECADES! And the city has been powerless getting the authority to comply with housing code regulations relative to its derelict ownership of the properties. Mark Sommer, you know better than this, don’t you? This is an outright lie!  You must retract this statement!

And now bridge authority chairman (and turncoat toady) Sam Hoyt admits the authority needs a new Duty Free to keep the tolls artificially low (which is wholly outside the authority’s mission).  How does this justify the wholesale destruction of an entire community?  Just buck up!  There’s no long term economic benefit to anyone but the bridge authority from this project–a plan for which doesn’t even exist–if you believe the bridge authority.

On a personal note: the entire rear interior of my home is covered with brown fine particulate matter blown from the mounds of unmanaged dirt standing in the yards behind the Busti Avenue properties.   And what about the obligatory archaeological dig that accompanies any excavation on an historic site. Is it ‘gone with the wind’ as well, like all permits, compliance, and oversight?  GOOD WORK, GUYS!

Peter Joe Certo, Prospect Hill Resident (Living in the Shadow of the Peace Bridge)