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Dear Mayor Brown,

Why did it take a news reporter to get you to respond to a health and safety problem west side residents brought to your attention months ago? Several of us sat across from you and Sam Hoyt (Councilman David Rivera) last spring discussing our concerns over the PBA’s 2011 wide-load program which increased oversize vehicle usage at the Peace Bridge. We expressed alarm that these multi-ton vehicles were passing by several elementary schools and heavy pedestrian areas — more than 8 per day. You took notes. We sent you photos. You asked Corporate Counsel Tim Ball to look into it. We talked about why the Peace Bridge Authority would exacerbate the air quality issues by increasing resident’s exposure to diesel exhaust, a known carcinogen. Months have passed without any news from your office.

But we did learn from a press conference with Governor Cuomo that you, Mr. Rivera and other elected officials support the truck plaza expansion, new duty free store and giving away city streets to a public authority. A decision that places politics above people.

You know the truth. You acknowledged our suffering. Until you as our leader step up and commit to the only solution; to stop commercial truck traffic from crossing at the Peace Bridge, the people, your people, will continue to suffer.

Kathy Mecca, President
Columbus Park Association