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This coming Tuesday, October 9, at 1:00PM in Council Chambers, we NEED people to speak about the Peace Bridge Issues for the Community Development Committee Meeting of the Common Council. Joe Golombeck has been driving our message through to all council members and during every opportunity he can, making analogies to other city issues that the laws need to be followed!

NOW is our time to speak up so the council can hear directly from us regarding all of our concerns and to DEMAND an environmental review BEFORE any expansion begins AND BEFORE anyone else gets sick in our community!

We have already written volumes of information that we can reuse for this purpose. If you do not already have something that you have prepared in the past, we can give you something to read.

While many of you might be unable to take off from work, please let others know about this call to action!

Please let me know if you are able to attend AND/OR speak. Email me at elizmartina@yahoo.com .

This is a critical time for us!

We have all worked so hard to drive our issues to the forefront and to gain the support of our Council members. NOW is the time to demand our rights for a full environmental review and for the Council to know the community is behind these demands! Not another person should have to suffer asthma, loose a loved one, or have to continuously worry about their own health or the health of a relative or friend in our neighborhood.

Stay tuned for further information!