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Yesterday was a busy day for city residents, scientists, and concern citizens who have been following the on-going health epidemic related to truck traffic emissions from the Peace Bridge.

“It’s a Matter of Life and Breath,” a continuing Public Informational Series hosted by the Buffalo West Side Environmental Defense Fund took place last night at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in the Elmwood Village. About 90 concerned citizens attended the event, which focused on educating the public about elevated rates of respiratory illnesses on Buffalo’s West Side and how an expanded Peace Bridge Complex will only exasperate the problem. Several local media outlets also covered the public information session; please see the links below for the related coverage. “It’s a Matter of Life and Breath” will continue to take place every month or so at local churches and/or public libraries. Please stay tuned for more information about next month’s event.


Media Coverage of “It’s a Matter of Life and Breath”

Channel 2 WGRZ: Talk on Impact of Proposed Peace Bridge Expansion Project 

Channel 4 WIVB: Forum held on Peace Bridge pollution


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation held a public meeting last night about on how the new air monitors meant to measure the pollution from the Peace Bridge Complex will work, what they will measure, and how the information will be made available to the public. Roughly two dozen citizens attended the meeting and the majority of them expressed concern that the act of measuring the air pollution in the neighborhood is an effort that is “too little, too late.” Alfred Carlacci, an air pollution control engineer with Region 9 of the DEC, expressed similar concerns saying that “Community officials asked us to do some monitoring on the West Side. We really didn’t want to do it because I don’t think you need a meter to tell you that you’ve got ultra fine particulates next to a Thruway or a bridge.” This quote appeared in today’s Buffalo News. Other media outlets also covered the meeting; please see the links below for the related coverage.


Media Coverage of the DEC’s 10/24/12 Public Presentation

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