The Prospect Hill Neighborhood Alliance sent a letter to NYS Senator Tim Kennedy because residents are deeply concerned that in haste to secure DOT funds before March 31, 2013, the Senate Transportation Committee  will secure funding to build new roadways at the Peace Bridge without full disclosure to the public.”Residents do not want the DOT or the Public Bridge Authority (PBA) to dictate what our community needs especially when it will have an adverse impact upon public health, historic resources and the environment.” The letter cites findings by the EPA that “people living on Buffalo’s west side are negatively impacted by air pollution from heavy commercial traffic.” The Alliance told Kennedy, “There is only one source of heavy commercial traffic on Buffalo’s west side; The Peace plaza and bridge. Allowing the DOT to move forward with plans that would add to this crisis is a direct conflict with the intent of the EPA.” The EPA last month awarded an environmental justice grant to the Clean Air Coalition to study air quality on the lower west side of Buffalo. The Alliance is comprised of several neighborhood associations who make up one of Buffalo’s earliest districts established in the mid 1800’s. Read more…. Letter to Senator Kennedy