The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival opens Wednesday April 10, 2013.  The film “Living in the Shadow of the Bridge” by Mark Banner will be shown at the festival at 5:00pm at the Market Arcade Cinemas.  For additonal information about the festival itself, read this Buffalo News Article by Melinda Miller.

Kathleen Mecca who recently presented “The High Cost of Free Trade: Importing Pollution at the Expense of Buffalo’s Poor.” at the National Environmental Justice Conference in Washingnton, D. C. also showed an edited version of the film at the conference.  The film evoked a validating emotional response from the audience.  The purpose of the presentation was to detail the injustice the poor, minority residents of Buffalo’s West Side face due to the heavy (and soon to be heavier) commercial traffic on the Peace Bridge, and the emotional response by the non-Buffalo natives only confirmed the weight of the situation.