War and Peace Bridge

Deal or No Deal?

Let’s give big thanks, especially to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, but also to all the troops who fought so publicly and fearlessly on both sides of this
unprecedented (and absurd) struggle.  It’s because of these unwitting obstructionists that we’ve had this welcome–though albeit brief–respite from the business of Peace Bridge plaza expansion.

And while it’s no surprise an armistice was fashioned, and this ‘War to End All Bridges’ appears over; is it really?

For although what’s been called a deal was reached between the waring parties, still great tension and anxiety linger.

Is it yet another manufactured moment in this danse macabre?

Time will tell–or will it?

Here’s the Deal

Cuomo, Canadian ambassador tout Peace Bridge deal

Will speed improvements, end dispute with Canada

We’ll dispense with the endless lead-up coverage of the meetings between Canada and New York and cut to the results: a ‘deal’, unsigned, that’s really an ‘understanding’ that actually changes nothing–except that now, instead of the $140 million plaza wanted by New York’s governor, he gets a ‘traffic study.’

And so the hostilities end, both sides claim victory, and the residents of Prospect Hill remain the prisoners of this war; their heritage, lungs, and lives collateral damage.

The agreement allows both side to save face and the Public Bridge Authority to conduct it’s first civil board meeting in months.  This Buffalo News article lays out their road map for destruction.

Of course, this was news across both countries, but we’ll include no other coverage.  Why waste time restating the same tired trickery?

Outrages & Insights

Cuomo’s failed huffing and puffing on Peace Bridge

This Investigative Post report, analysis and commentary by Jim Heaney brings a measure of perspective to the proceedings, rightly indicting Governor Cuomo, who’s obvious lack of understanding and fictional rhetoric nearly shut down the entire circus, until, one presumes, cooler heads convinced him to back off.


Cuomo’s feather-ruffling ends decades of dysfunction at the Peace Bridge

In this editorial, the Buffalo News continues its incredible unbroken streak of  opinion on the wrong side of this issue, somehow crediting Cuomo for jump-starting a process he very nearly destroyed.

Cuomo hits bridge exit just in time

Donn Esmonde is beginning to worry us. He’s clearly obsessed with the Peace Bridge battle.  In this, the first of multiple columns this week on the subject, he damns with faint praise our conflicted governor, before…

Cuomo was the real bridge problem

…simply just damning Cuomo in this column.  Further, he manages to acknowledge the grave health threat to the Peace Bridge neighborhood while still–incredibly–equating expansion with ‘progress’.

We fear he needs help, and we want him to know: we’re him for him if he needs us.

The Funnies

Adam Zyglis

We meet again

Peace isn’t evident on bridge authority board

Despite civil meeting, uncertainty lingers

Was the ‘deal’ forged so this latest bridge authority board meeting could go off unencumbered?  Well, even if it was, bad blood still simmers, as was clearly evident.  There’s trouble in paradise as the state still holds the hammer (of dissolution) over the authority, and the Canadians still feel the threat.  Jive like this could only be the work of career hacks–err-politicians.

Read it here.

The Last Word

Kathy Mecca, Columbus Park Association, on Concerns Over the Peace Bridge Deal

If you read/listen to nothing else on Peace Bridge expansion, you must listen to this WBEN radio podcast interview with Kathy Mecca, Columbus Park Association President and longtime Peace Bridge neighborhood resident.  It is not only refreshing but also startling to hear someone actually speak to the heart of the matter and support the comments with the Truth!

Here are Kathy Mecca’s own words as introduction:

“Tom Puckett from WBEN interviewed me…to tell the community’s side of yet another threat of expansion at the Peace Bridge.  I also had a chance to ‘try’ to explain the rope-a-dope logic behind the Governor’s plan to build anything on the U. S. side with the ‘full support’ of public officials.

“At the end of the interview, I humbly paid respect to this incredible community of volunteers and activisrts who for decades have been the gatekeeper to justice for Buffalo’s West Side.

“Thank you everyone: old, new and in between who always lead by example.  I am so proud to be counted as a citizen soldier among you.”

And we thank you!

Parting Shot

New York State Celebrates Peace Bridge Accord by Purchasing Episcopal Home

How do you celebrate?  According to this Buffalo Rising post, New York does it by overpaying for a property to give it away for ‘development’ into a mega Duty-Free store, thus to ensure the ever-growing presence of this ‘Monster that Ate the West Side’.

Let’s hear it for  New York, Buffalo and, especially, the West Side; doormat to a nation’s drive-by commerce!

Up Ours!