War and Peace Bridge

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

A quiet week for Peace Bridge news, save a curious decision in Housing Court.  Players are probably catching up on vacation time and, perhaps, preparing for the round of meetings that begins the Draft Environmental Impact Statement phase of the NYS DOT Gateway Connections Improvement Project to the US Peace Bridge Plaza, another curious endeavor.

And the fish are biting, so we’ll be brief.

Disorder in the Court

Pay as you go

Episcopal Church Home’s Former Owners Fined in Court

After a long and contentious series of appearances in Buffalo Housing Court, The newly-former owners of the abandoned city landmarked Episcopal Church Home finally extended their wrists to receive a gentle slap from Judge Patrick M. Carney: a $2,000 fine.  That’s about $13 for every year they owned the property.

Read the Artvoice article here.

It remains to be seen how the new owners, New York State Empire Development Corporation, will fare, but they’ve already mounted more plywood in just a few weeks than there had been in the past several years.  The state–which is expected to develop the land for a Duty Free store–paid $4.7 million for the parcel, enough to satisfy outstanding lien holders.

So the only loser, as usual, is the neighborhood.

Last Call

The DOT meetings are scheduled to begin July 30th, and there’s still time to submit your comments/questions about the “improvement” project–though not much.

Use this link to the DOT website to do just that and to learn what you can about the project.

Consultants, prepare; and let the meetings begin!

Parting Shot

So long and thanks

A last look at the Episcopal Church Home