War and Peace Bridge

International Incident–Local Edition

At the end of what would have been an uneventful week, a fragile peace between nations is imperiled; this time by a battle of the border cities, as Fort Erie fights to maintain its status quo against a threat from its US rival, Buffalo.  Who will prevail?

We can’t say.  One thing we’ve learned: there’s no future in predicting the outcome of Peace Bridge politics.


Merge Ahead – Shots exchanged

Fort Erie lawmakers object to Buffalo Common Council merger suggestion



Fort Erie lawmakers say no to Council’s proposed study

Battle lines are drawn, once again, according to this Buffalo News article, after the Buffalo Common Council renewed its call to merge the competing bridge authorities.  Fort Erie answered with a call of its own, telling Buffalo to “mind your own business”, and stay out of theirs.

After all, why would anyone want to even consider moving truck traffic off the Peace Bridge?  To reduce a grave health risk and save a few civilian lives?  What could be gained from that, especially if it would threaten the existence of the many friendly customs brokers and freight forwarders that call Fort Erie home?  What about them?  Don’t they deserve to live?

Clearly, Fort Erie has aligned on the side of commerce–Fort Erie commerce.  The Buffalo common Council, however, views the matter in a different light.  According to North District Council Member Joseph Golombek Jr.:

“We have people sick and dying on our side of the Peace Bridge,” Golombek said. “Cars stop in Buffalo or Orchard Park or wherever, but the trucks fly through, and I believe their emissions cause problems in that neighborhood.”

But Fort Erie officials fail to see what relevance that has to their needs.  Resolving a health crisis would do nothing to support local Canadian business interests.

After all, you’ve got to die of something.

Or do you want to live forever?