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Buffalo Rising Article: http://buffalorising.com/2014/01/kathy-mecca-rallies-community-behind-golombek-resolution/



Please show your support for Resolutions 37 & 38 sponsored by Council member Joseph Golombek, Jr.;

#37 – Extend the DEIS public comment period for the NY Gateway project to the Peace Bridge.

#38 – a request to the White House Counsel on Environmental Quality and U.S. EPA to investigate federal and state environmental review processes undertaken for the Peace Bridge related projects since January, 2012.

This is a transportation project that will impact the entire region, not just a few hundred residents living near the Peace Bridge. If you believe that government transportation agencies should place the rights of residents above traffic so that we can breathe clean air, have easy pedestrian and biking access to the WS waterfront and Olmsted’s Front Park, not be forced to endure traffic congestion on our local streets because of the Peace Bridge, not be forced to accept more highway construction projects along our scenic waterfront, please show your support. I want to be able to walk through Front Park the way Olmsted intended us too and I want to stand there and watch the beautiful sunset each night without peering through soaring concrete Thruway ramps congested with truck traffic. I want my grandchildren to walk along the river to hear and see nature, not the sound and stench from heavy traffic. If you believe that Buffalo has suffered enough transportation mistakes, show your support next Tuesday – please:

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Letter/Email Template: 

Dear. [insert official name and title],

I am writing on behalf of the communities involved in the discussions regarding the present state and future plans of the Peace Bridge. I am entirely in support of Resolutions 37 & 38 sponsored by Councilman Golombek Jr. regarding the request to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Please take into consideration the support for this resolution that has come from the local and regional population.

[insert personal testimony here if desired]


[insert name and home zip code here]


Find the resolution here:

CC Resolution request investigation on environmental qualit 1.7.14

Contact Your Local Elected Officials and TELL them you are in SUPPORT of Resolutions 37 & 38! 


Get Familiar with the Issues – A Columbus Parkway resident does an excellent job articulating the pitfalls of the DOT Gateway project and the flawed DEC/White Paper reports: