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“Tony Mecca, a member of the Niagara Gateway Columbus Park Association and a West Side resident of 35 years, describes the environmental and social impacts of the plans to expand the Peace Bridge Plaza into the site of the former Episcopal Church Home. Episcopal Church Home and Affiliates sold the seven-acre property at 1 Massachusetts Ave. to the state last June. The state is now seeking bids to demolish the existing structures with the intent of turning the site over to the Peace Bridge authority. By Angelica Rodriguez and Brandon Was”

Tony is one of the most dedicated community members we know! Our gratitude goes out to him for being willing to interview and speak his mind about the Episcopal Church Home. In times of strife we have to be honest and open to spreading the opinions of our community! Thanks Tony!

Please watch the interview here:http://bscbengalnews.blogspot.com/2014/05/plans-for-church-property-worry.html

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