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A Message from Kathy Mecca:

Dear Friends,

I just signed the petition TimeToGoCuomo.com and hope you will too. Please share it with your friends.


The article in the NYTimes was the final straw because we on the West Side of Buffalo know full well how this Governor has abused the power of his office for his own political agenda. Because of his political mongering the health of generations of west side children will suffer needlessly just so he can brag about what he accomplished at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo.

Remember that it was Cuomo who in August of 2012, ordered the dismantling of the Federal 22 officials in Washington who were investigating environmental justice on Buffalo’s west side and moving the trucks to Lewiston then ordered a massive cover-up. A permanent solution to our cancerous misery was at our finger tips until Governor Cuomo used his political power to kill it. Since then, he has used millions of tax payer dollars along with bullying other government agencies to make sure we never enjoy the right to breathe clean air.

Read More then please sign the petition! http://www.TimeToGoCuomo.com
Petition written by Professor Lawrence Lessig:

This is big.





Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the target of an investigation by The New York Times, who reported that he interfered with his own anti-corruption commission. Why? To protect his political allies – and himself.

Thank you,