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In the matter of the Peace Bridge neighborhood residents’ complaint against the City and State, The Hon. John F. O’Donnell, Justice of the State Supreme Court, has granted request for a Temporary Restraining Order [“TRO”]. That means that, as for now, and unless and until the court rules otherwise: (1) Empire State Development cannot start the Abatement/Demolition project at the Episcopal Church Home site. (2) The NYS Dept. of Transportation [NYSDOT] cannot start activities relating to the Gateway Connections project. And, (3) The NYSDOT cannot expend any State funds in furtherance of the Gateway Connections project [including paying the City for Baird Drive and various easements.]

The Judge has scheduled court proceedings for Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. Justice O’Donnell’s courtroom is at 25 Delaware Avenue, Third Floor, Part 21.
To express solidarity, all of you are cordially invited to attend.
One of the things Justice O’Donnell will be considering is whether to continue the TRO, or whether to change it into a “Preliminary Injunction” which would continue the prohibitions for the duration of the lower-court stage of the lawsuit.