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Weekly Reader – October 26th, 2014

War and Peace Bridge

Double Standard

Little action, lots of rhetoric: that’s the news this week at the Peace Bridge (although the same could be the said almost every week).

While a judge rebuffed the Bridge Authority’s lawsuit against itself, mostly praise for our noble crossing came from others.  Which others?  The same officials who condemn polluters elsewhere but ignore them here.  Here it’s a privilege to pollute, so long as you also promote international commerce.

And that’s why their mouths have two sides on them.

Rocket Docket, Part Two

Judge dismisses suit by Canadian members of Peace Bridge Authority

A State Supreme Court judge chose not to get involved in what apparently is a ‘family feud’  between the U. S. and Canadian members of the Public Bridge Authority, according to this Buffalo News story, essentially urging both sides to work out their differences between them, stating:

“I find it a little sad that we’re here arguing about things that should be taken care of in other places,”

And urging the authority to:
“put all your talents toward making the Peace Bridge a safer and more efficient crossing.”

But the judge offered no suggestions for how to do that, and for the two sides [that] have been locked in a wrenching disagreement for almost two years, the prospect they will reach agreement anytime soon is remote at best.

We get the impression the Canadians bristle at what could be perceived as bullying tactics by U. S. board members attempting to impose Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s particular vision of Peace Bridge ‘progress’ on them.

What’s next?  Likely more of the same.

Symbol of what?

Another Voice: Peace Bridge is an enduring symbol of friendship and economic ties

Yet another Buffalo News pro-Peace Bridge guest editorial, this one by the Canadian consul general himself following a recent Binational Trade Conference, completely ignores the reality of the ground fighting here while elevating the crossing as a supreme symbol of the enduring friendship between Canada and the United States.  

Not only that, it also represents the path our two countries share to secure a safer and more prosperous North America.

But–if it continues unchecked–that path will be over the rotting corpse of a once vibrant historic neighborhood.

Further irony is found in the Buffalo News editorial (Crematory simply isn’t appropriate in a densely populated neighborhood), printed directly above this one, where the paper chastises the crematory operator for polluting a neighborhood but never fails to endorse any illusion of  development at the Peace Bridge.

Crush one stone (see this Investigative Post video report, [Schumer calls for end to Buffalo’s Dust Bowl]), burn one body in a neighborhood, you’re a menace to society—and politicians and others come out of the woodwork to condemn you.  Poison the lungs and lives of generations, you’re an international savior—and the same ones praise you.

Hypocrisy anyone?