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Weekly Reader – December 12th, 2014

Preserve and Protect

Except for the hum of slowly moving diesels, the Holidays have been characteristically quiet around the Peace Bridge; but Historic Preservation remains a hot issue.  See this Buffalo News editorial(Heritage worth protecting / Plan for townhouses would devalue Buffalo’s historic ‘Millionaires Row’) for the latest local confrontation between developers and residents.

The editorial raises the same relevant issues used by many to condemn the effects of commerce on the historic fabric of our neighborhoods in its opposition to new development on Buffalo’s ‘Millionaires Row’; calling it a threat that will “change [the neighborhood’s] historic character” and a “misuse of a valuable civic resource.”

There is broad support for this view everywhere–except on Prospect Hill.  This newspaper’s editorial board and virtually every elected official ignores–and even encourages–not only the destruction of Buffalo’s first and only remaining waterfront neighborhood in the name of commerce but also the deadly health hazard it poses to residents.

Why is it important elsewhere but not here?

Could it be we just don’t deserve to be preserved?


Parting Shot

2014 Neighborhood Festival of Lights

Even if no one cares enough to save us, we remain.  Come visit us during our 7th annual Neighborhood Festival of Lights, now until January 6th. Read this Buffalo Rising post for details.  It just might change your mind.