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Greetings Friends and Supporters:

On behalf of the Columbus Park Association we would like to offer our sincere gratitude for the continuous support during our long fight against the destruction of our neighborhood. Each day we wait to hear news about our pending lawsuit. Each day we wait to hear from Washington or Albany in the hope that someone somewhere will pick up the banner and help us save our community. We apologize for not having more current information to continuously update you with – we have learned the road to justice is long and must be paved with patience. Thank you for sticking by us thus far. Below is an important article recently published in the Buffalo News in which our own Kathy Mecca is quoted making several important claims. We have included an excerpt and a link to the full article. As always, we also encourage you to follow our good friend Art Giacalone’s blog “With All Due Respect”:


“WASHINGTON – A Washington, D.C.-based whistleblowers group and neighborhood activists near the Peace Bridge are seeking a federal investigation of the state’s project to improve highway access at the span, accusing the Cuomo administration official in charge of the project of ignoring a key environmental law – and committing a criminal offense by misleading the public about it.

See full article at the Buffalo News: