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Weekly Reader – March 29th, 2015

War and Peace Bridge

Whistling Past the Graveyard

There’s more ‘Happy Talk’ this week with the announcement of the next phase in the Public Bridge Authority’s property improvement plan.  Add this to the already in-progress activity of the New York State Department of Transportation and The Empire State Development Corporation, and you have a perfect illustration of how well government works to subvert its own regulations–in this case required environmental review of the overall construction–for its own good and the further detriment of the forgotten residents of what’s left of this once historic neighborhood.

See you on the other side.

(Re)Built to Last

$80 million Peace Bridge project to start in July

3-year, $80 million project to speed traffic, replace deck

The latest in the ‘extreme makeover’ of Peace Bridge expansion delivers structural improvements and additions to the 88 year-old bridge as well as an upgrade on the Canadian side to match last year’s U.S. plaza enhancements–as found in this Buffalo News storythis Business First feature, and this Bullet News (Canada) article.  All feature a gallery of artist’s renderings of the finished product that will turn the bridge into a magnificent mile of beauty and commerce.

This, of course, is the same iconic structure considered obsolete and dangerous just a few short years ago.  How opinions change.When completed, the bridge is promised to be pedestrian, bike, car, and truck-friendly—an enriching experience to all but neighborhood residents who will suffer this plague until the only obvious solution is enacted: Move the Trucks!But, as all Buffalo sports fans already know, with rebuilding comes with suffering, as Peace Bridge officials acknowledge significant challenges to safety during construction.

Welcome to the club.

Last Word/Still Waiting

No decision on Peace Bridge expansion lawsuit

Last year, Peace Bridge neighborhood residents brought complaint in court to force an environmental review of the effects of Peace Bridge expansion; an action no one, it seems, remembers–including the presiding judge, Supreme Court Justice John O’Donnell, who promised a decision “… quickly as I can.”     Refresh your memory with this WIVB TV video.
But don’t hold your breath.