We are residents of the West Side. We are residents of the East Side. We are residents of Allentown, and the Elmwood Village. We are citizens of the City of Buffalo who are concerned about the silent health epidemic plaguing our neighborhoods.

For almost two decades, residents of the City of Buffalo have been enduring a continuous struggle for their right to breath clean air. The assailant, the international compact entity known as the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (PBA), has been steadily increasing commercial diesel truck traffic across the international Peace Bridge crossing. With this increased traffic comes a well-documented but severely under-reported health epidemic that effects every man, woman and child in the City of Buffalo.

Thorough scientific research has concluded the following:

  • The overall prevalence of asthma along the Peace Bridge traffic corridor is three times higher than the national average.
  • Lung and bronchial cancer rates in the Peace Bridge expansion area are:
    • 50-100% above expected norm in middle-aged males
    • 15-49% above expected norm In middle-aged females
  • The almost 22,000 West Side residents that have respiratory illness costs the public at least $170 million a year in related health costs.

When presented with this evidence, the PBA acknowledges that diesel exhaust and its byproducts are “likely to be carcinogenic to humans” but continues forward with their plans to expand the Peace Bridge plaza and consequently the associated health epidemic in the City of Buffalo.

The future health, safety and general wellbeing of every resident of the City of Buffalo is threatened by the PBA’s proposed plaza expansion plans. A larger plaza will mean more diesel truck traffic, which will produce more pollution. This pollution is not isolated to the neighborhoods surrounding the plaza. Given the site of PBA’s plaza, the prevailing southwesterly winds off of Lake Erie and the street grid – the increased pollution and carcinogens will be forced deeper into the City of Buffalo affecting all neighborhoods downwind.