An Urgent Appeal to Aid Our Campaign for Environmental Justice

For years we have aggressively fought to protect our heritage, preserve our health and save our city from irreparable damage at the hands of a irresponsible public authority.  We have fought this Environmental Injustice in State and Federal court, as well as the Court of Public Opinion.

We are entirely self-funded, and have waged this battle at great financial cost.

If you believe in our cause and want to show your support, now is the time.  We are in urgent need of capital infusion.  Anything you give will be used entirely on our mission. No amount is too small. Please help us by donating in whatever way is more convenient…

Donate online through PAYPAL by clicking here!

– OR –

Donate via Check Send your tax-deductible donation in the form of a check paid to:

  • Buffalo West Side Environmental Defense Fund, a not-for-profit supporter of Environmental Justice on Buffalo’s West Side. (simply write BWSEDF on check).
  • Mail your donation to:
    Columbus Park Association,
    c/o 776 Columbus Pkwy.
    Buffalo, NY 14213-2412

Our expenses are mounting and due now!
Thank you for your support and understanding.