Social Media


Social Media is an amazing tool for fighting against injustice! Tweeting and Facebook, personal opinions aside, can astronomically affect the exposure an issue generates in the media and among the population.

We ask, if you would, that if you are fighting for our cause and helping to spread the word – use our social media posts to help further our mission! Retweet! Like an article on Facebook! Repost a blog to your own! Whatever it takes, we will see justice done in our community.

Send us pictures! Send us articles! Send us quotes and verifiable information and we can repost it as quick as we can! Email: with your info.

Our Facebook:

Our Twitter: – @MoveThePlaza

Try to use these hashtags when you can: #EnviroJusticeNow or #LifeAndBreath

Our sincerest thanks goes out to any who help!


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